Begin With One

Our work was born after the adoption of our young daughter and then shortly after, our teenage son from Ethiopia. Once our eyes were opened we could not pretend we had not seen. We began championing those making a significant impact in Ethiopia and beyond. We lead teams, encouraged ethical photography, humble listening and writing to inspire all in our sphere to action beyond borders. We began fundraising and donating; asking everyone to give a little. 

To date we have been involved in projects such as clean water, hygiene education, child sponsorship, family preservation and reunification and women’s skills and job training in Ethiopia. We have championed an incredible organization in Haiti.  We have funded the reunification of trafficked children.  We have spent time at the Juarez/El Paso border listening, learning and donating to those who understand the best solutions firsthand.  

It has been our job to partner rather than reinvent the wheel.  We know that empowering and trusting indigenous leaders changes everything and often what they need most is a champion or a conduit to those with resources and a passion to join them to impact change.  

We exist to encourage the collective use of resources and influence to impact those surviving in the margins both here at home and abroad. We are travelers and connectors.  We go, we listen, we learn and we share; trusting the power of story as the great catalyst.  

The purchase of our inspirational products allows you to wear messages of hope while knowing 100% of profits are shared with both local and global initiatives impacting change. Your purchase has power.

We are stronger together no matter the labels the world might tell us should divide us. Surrender the narratives that diminish the humanity and connection of all.  One step. One connection. One love. One change. Begin with one. 

Join our movement. 

Go Be Light.