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Border Visit: Part Two {Ways to Help}

Six weeks ago we visited the border in El Paso, Texas, desperate to listen and learn and mindful that many citizens of El Paso were creating a network of welcome to support the increase in numbers of people seeking refuge. It was remarkable and humbling to be part of the compassion we witnessed through the coalition of organizations we visited and supported. It was life changing to see and meet those at our border seeking safety. I could not help but ask myself how I would want to be treated if I walked in their shoes. How would I want my children treated? Since our return the topic of immigration has continued to explode with current administrative tactics, changes and...

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A Border Visit: Part One

Curiosity lead us to the border where El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico meet. Sometimes we must silence our predetermined stance in order to experience the narrative firsthand. Curiosity allows us to fully enter in. Entering in generates personal connection and its that connection to one another that so often changes everything. “ The world may be in a culture war. Our churches may be divided and our family members may not be talking to one another. We need a new imagination of fighting fear with love. We must refuse to enter into the terms set for us and instead seek connection.”   Dan White Jr. In mid May we landed in El Paso and headed to our host, Ciudad Nueva. This organization...

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